Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tagaytay Getaway: Chateau Hestia

This was also in my other blog, but I'll make a separate post for my food musings.

Chateau Hestia is a garden restaurant, it's more like Sonya's Garden, but the food is authentic European (so it's a variety of Greek, Italian, French food, and etc).
 I love how it is secluded and away from the usual Tagaytay highway dine- in restos. This is located in Lagusan Drive, Barangay Bukal. You have to drive merely two hours from Muntinlupa to reach the place (without traffic of course).
 But the long drive is so worth the food and the romantic country feel. 

I didn't enjoy the food much as I was thinking of a lot of things that time. 

We ordered the following munchies:

Margherita Pizza
This is your usual vegetarian pizza with a twist. It has a minty taste in it and I haven't noticed not until I was almost done with my first slice. Baked thinly and just right.   

Pasta di Mare
combination of scallops and prawns in Pomodoro sauce.
 I didn't like this pasta dish as it tastes bland to me. Such a disappointment. 

Chicken Geschnetzeltes "Zurich Style"
This is a chicken recipe cooked in a white wine sauce w/ mushrooms and sour cream. Tatay loved this dish! He finished up the whole platter. I think the secret is the sauce, it is very savory and I'm guessing it has beef broth in it.
 Serving is enough to be shared by two people.  

Ferrero Rocher homemade Gelato
I can actually munch on the Ferrero Rocher morsels. Not too sweet and creamy.
 Really small serving as you can see, it just fits the bottom of a cocktail glass. 

More pictures in our secluded nook:

cutesy plate! :)

chairs. have you noticed that I have a chair fetish? hihi. :P

first time to use an actual IKEA utensils. cool, eh? :)

suddenly, I became more inspired to paint again. :)

I enjoyed the food! But more than that, I fell in love with the place.
 Tatay always knew that Tagaytay has always had a special spot in my heart. So taking me to this restaurant for a romantic date was such a delight for me. I didn't enjoy the food as I was thinking of the expensive menu, LOL. He made a reservation in advance so we got this secluded nook away from other customers. It's like we have the place all to ourselves. Our attendants has been really courteous, making sure we have enough water every time they gave us our refill. They even gave us a complimentary dessert and wine on the house! Nice, eh? :)

I would recommend this restaurant for a quick romantic getaway.
 It's also a good place to have a proposal! :)

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