Friday, January 7, 2011

DIY: Pesto-Nut Pasta w/ Chicken Paprika Strips

chopped fresh sweet basil
ground walnut
grilled chicken strips
your choice of cooked pasta
olive oil
spanish paprika
salt and pepper to taste 

How to:
for chicken strips
marinate chicken breast in olive oil, 
paprika, pepper, a little salt for at least 15 mins
pan grill until done
cut into small strips

saute garlic in olive oil
add basil and ground walnut
add your grilled chicken strips
toss w/ cooked pasta
season according to taste

**drizzle w/ white sauce for extra oomph** 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Popular Post: Chic Boy Chicken at Baboy

It was just recently that I've been blogging about food posts and I decided to make a separate blog about it. Apparently, eating has been more pleasurable to me nowadays (hence, the weight gain) because it's the only luxury we can afford for the time being

So I was surprised when I received a PM on my FB account that says:

click to zoom photo :)

Somebody reads my food blog! LOL. I'm glad they found it wonderful, though it isn't what you will call a review. The Chic Boy post is more like of a rant because it's not that detailed and it's very brief. But thank you, I appreciate it. So, I don't mind at all. :)

I know it's nothing. I'm not a popular blogger and most of the time, I just blog about personal rants. But it means to me because I don't blog to get paid, and definitely I don't do this to become famous (and most of my readers are very few friends). I blog because I love to write and I wanna share my instantaneous search for budget-friendly-yet-to-discover food restos around the metro with the people around me and with the people who also happens to be a cheapskate when it comes to restaurant choices. 

And it made the Chic Boy post the most popular post in this blog of mine. 

Till next! :)

Thank you Ms. Cat Juan for posting the link in your website!
Means a lot to a newbie food blogger! :)  

Cheap Eats: Weekend Munchies

Some random eats over the weekend. :)

Red Dragon's Ebi Tempura:
Yummiest tempura I've tasted from Seaside Dampa Daanghari.

My New Year Munchies:
because I've had too much to eat :P 

Holiday cupcakes:
and because I just can't stop staring at them! :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good Cheap Eats: SM Southmall Las Pinas

We went to SM Southmall a few weeks ago and was surprised by the newly renovated mall. We're impressed! It's a knockoff of SM Mall of Asia, but a smaller version of it. There are those high-end stores, stores you can only see in upscale Northern Metro Manila malls. Well, you get the picture. :P

Hubby's sick that day and he's craving for some hot congee and I miss eating from BODHI as well, so we went to the nearest mall within our proximity area. Where else but the MOA of the far south? ;D

approximately p90 and it comes w/ an 8oz iced tea! :)

ME: You always have tofu every time we go out to eat,
Di ka ba naumay? Tofu's all we eat at home!
TATAY: No. Sarap eh. 

Hubby's another attempt at being a vegetarian. ;)

sickly boy on New Year's day
Happy 2011, everyone! :)