Monday, November 29, 2010

New Eats: The Sandwich Guy

We went to St. James Christmas Bazaar last Saturday, Tatay, Bes and I.
Of course a Cuenca Bazaar wouldn't be complete without our usual food hunting. :P
We bought sandwiches at The Sandwich Guy. It's just your usual wheat sandwich, nothing really spectacular. Sandwiches are okay. A bit pricey for a Veggie sandwich, costs 100PHP. Tatay loved his Big Time sandwich. It has a little bit of everything and it is as big as a Big Mac burger, no wonder he liked it so much. Bes' didn't like his Bacon Chicken Combo. The reason he just bought it is because of the long line waiting in the Shawarma stall. It's been two consecutive days that Bes has been eating "healthily", lol.

Veggie Delight

Big Time

Bacon Chicken Combo

The verdict:

They have a variety of choices, lots to choose from. A good munch when you're on the go. Healthy and light, but filling. Prices are fair for meat sandwiches. I hope they lower down the price of their Veggie sandwich or at least make it bigger, it's a bit pricey for a regular sandwich. Hey, what do you expect? It's Cuenca Bazaar. :P

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Food Trip Friday: Pito & Mita

We initially planned to go to Mercato Centrale, but I found out from their website that they’re only open every weekend, Saturdays and Sundays, 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Too bad, I badly wanted to go there on our Friday Food Trip getaway, it’ll be a breather to go somewhere else because we’re always in the Southern part of the Metro plus we’ll be tagging along friends with us who haven't tried organic munchies yet. Well, anyways, there's always a next time and hopefully, we can go there before the year ends. :)

I searched for restos around BF Homes Paranaque area and stumbled upon Pito & Mita.

Pito & Mita is a casual, sit- down resto that caters to people of all ages.
 They serve dishes inspired by traditional recipes originating from the Mediterranean region- some Spanish and some Italian with a few French and Greek dishes.           

Like most restos in BF Homes, it was an old house converted into a resto. I fell in love with their lovely interiors. I love the yellow hue in their walls (cos of the ceiling drapes). The place is so cozy, there are ceiling drapes and chandeliers which I found romantic, very Victorianesque. I instantly knew that our postponed trip to Mercato Centrale was worth exchanging for a night out in Pito & Mita.

their lovely ceiling :)

I love the old charm feel to their chairs

Because that night, my hubby and our best friend decided to be Pescetarians.

We ordered the 5 cheese dip for our appetizer and Caesar salad for Tatay and Bes
 (yes, they're salad eaters now, lol). Bes and I ordered the Tomato Moringa Pasta while Tatay got the Parmesan-Crusted Baked Fish with Potato Gratin as our main course, Lemon & Moringa juice for refreshments and Apple Pie ala Mode for dessert.

The 5 cheese dip tastes divine! I love how you can still see the variations of the cheese in it.  It is good for 2 people but the actual serving is good for 3 people. 

5 cheese dip

You could actually munch cheese morsels in it! Divine!

The Caesar dressing tastes different. It's the best Caesar dressing I've tasted so far. I guess they make their own dressing as it has a distinct taste in it. I asked the waiter about it and I got a confirmed conclusion. ;)

Tatay and Bes's Caesar Salad

They served our pastas and Tatay's baked fish in a heated plate. 
Nice! Talk about authenticity! 

The Tomato Moringa Pasta is a healthy mix of tomatoes, garlic, basil and malunggay leaves served with Angel hair pasta. It tastes so darn good that you won't even notice it's a vegetarian dish. It doesn't taste like your usual Italian pasta and believe me, you won't even taste the "malunggay" leaves. Bes and I happily ate the delicious pasta dish, nodding every time we had a bite.

Tomato Moringa Pasta

I can't even start with Tatay's Parmesan-Crusted Baked Fish with Potato Gratin. It tastes so delish! It really melts in the mouth. The fish is so creamy and baked just enough. The Potato Gratin was superb! The dish is big enough to be shared by two people.

Tatay's Parmesan-Crusted Baked Fish with Potato Gratin

We ordered the Apple Pie ala Mode for dessert. It looked so cute that for a moment I was hesitant to eat it, lol. It's not your usual slice of pie. It looks like a cupcake with ice cream on top of it. After staring and admiring it's cuteness I decided to have a bite of it. I'm a fan of apple pies but this apple pie is different. The crust is soft but crumbly, you could see the thinly sliced apple when you cut it in half. It's not too sweet. The combination of the warm filling with the vanilla ice cream was heavenly! I just keep on nodding and mumbling "ohhh-ummm" every time I took a bite.

Our Apple Pie ala Mode

The Lemon & Moringa juice tastes so refreshing 
and again, you won't even taste the malunggay in it.

Lemon and Malunggay Juice

We truly loved all the food we've eaten. We looked like silly bunch of kids eating happily, savoring and nodding with each bite. Prices are just right. Besides the good food, it was the service that we liked best. All the waiters are courteous and kind enough in answering my queries. Service is fast. The waiters happily served us, making sure that we have a pleasant dining experience. I love the food, love love the service and we'll definitely be coming back for more Pito & Mita experience.

Because I am usually the one taking photos,
 sometimes a big mirror might come in handy.
 Tatay, Juana and Bes

Find out more about it at: 
Pito & Mita's Facebook Page

Friday, November 26, 2010

More Food Musings

Posting my previous food musings from my other blog: see.think.create :)

Amici's famous gellato

Sustainable Foodies

The owner of the blog has been a Pescetarian for almost 5 years now.
 She tried to incorporate a Pescetarian household when she started having a family of her own. Their food menu consists mainly of tofu, vegetables and fish. Her hypertensive husband has willingly tried to partake in this journey of hers, but still eats pork and beef on a monthly basis. Here, you'll read about their search for budget-friendly-yet-to-discover food restos around the metro, from good cheap eats to oh so good affordable treats. Talking mostly about food culture, religion and everything in between. :)