Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Popular Post: Chic Boy Chicken at Baboy

It was just recently that I've been blogging about food posts and I decided to make a separate blog about it. Apparently, eating has been more pleasurable to me nowadays (hence, the weight gain) because it's the only luxury we can afford for the time being

So I was surprised when I received a PM on my FB account that says:

click to zoom photo :)

Somebody reads my food blog! LOL. I'm glad they found it wonderful, though it isn't what you will call a review. The Chic Boy post is more like of a rant because it's not that detailed and it's very brief. But thank you, I appreciate it. So, I don't mind at all. :)

I know it's nothing. I'm not a popular blogger and most of the time, I just blog about personal rants. But it means to me because I don't blog to get paid, and definitely I don't do this to become famous (and most of my readers are very few friends). I blog because I love to write and I wanna share my instantaneous search for budget-friendly-yet-to-discover food restos around the metro with the people around me and with the people who also happens to be a cheapskate when it comes to restaurant choices. 

And it made the Chic Boy post the most popular post in this blog of mine. 

Till next! :)

Thank you Ms. Cat Juan for posting the link in your website!
Means a lot to a newbie food blogger! :)  

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